Why should I use MTX?

We have the expertise and the experience to meet your organization’s requirements. And our services does not cost anything to you if we do not perform.

Is there any cost associated with your services?

Yes but it is performance based.

Are your fees competitive?

MTX fees are consistent with market averages.

Does MTX provide travelers?

Yes we are currently licensed in 21 states but is willing to open new states per client request.

If I sign an agreement with MTX, will I also be able to work with other recruiting firms?

Yes. Facilities are free to use other recruiting firms; however, we feel that focus and partnership arrangements works best if our firm is used exclusively.

Do you provide background checks and reference checks?

MTX performs a comprehensive initial screening and background checks and may be configured to the need and preferences of our clients.

Do you offer a guarantee that professionals who are hired will fulfill contractual obligations?

Yes. The agreement will outline details of this guarantee period.

Who pays for interviewing expenses?

In the majority of cases, the facility will pay for ordinary expenses incurred for the interview.

Where does MTX find these professionals?

MTX  not only advertises your opportunity in a number of forums, including our website, we also maintain a large database of professionals in the country. We build our network and referrals from past placements.  We receive hundreds of CVs each year from motivated, highly qualified professionals.