MTX Resources and FAQ



FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Apply?

We make the application process as easy and painless as possible.  You can apply on our website. You can call us on our toll free number (800) 918-7700, via email ( or via fax (866) 356-0365.  Send us your most up-to-date resume along with a list of references.

What Is The MTX Interview Process?

First, we conduct a general interview to make sure we understand what sort of position you are interested in pursuing.  Next, we get busy finding something that meets your needs.  We conduct a more detailed interview and we check your references.  Interviewing by our client usually occurs within a couple of days after a match.  We’ll call you as soon as we hear the good news and we follow it up with an Offer Letter.  After that, Human Resources gets involved to make sure all the necessary paperwork is completed and all travel and housing arrangements have been made.

Will You Place New Graduates?

Yes, of course!  Although now many, we have clients who accept newly graduated OT, PT and SLP.

Do I pay a fee to work with MTX ?

NO.  Our clients (hospitals, schools, etc.) pay all the fees for our services.

Does using a recruiter or staffing agency affect my salary?

No.  The fees paid to us by our clients are budgeted items and will not affect your salary.  Salary levels and compensation are largely only affected by specialty and location.

Will I be submitted to a client without my knowledge or approval?

Never.  We always get your approval before submitting your resume to a client.

How and when will I get paid?

We pay all therapists bi-weekly.  We highly recommend that you sign up for direct deposit into your bank account.

How are my taxes withheld?

Unless otherwise noted, you will be an employee of MTX.  We, as your employer, will withhold your taxes every pay period and taxed based on the work location.

What does MTX mean?

MTX is not an acronym for anything. The name was coined using the name of an outpatient rehab clinic we are affiliated in 1999.